PDF-to-Word 4.1

Turns PDF documents into DOC files
Converts your documents saved in the PDF format into editable Word files. Preserves all the data from the original document including photos, tables and individual pages.

There are many applications that help you convert PDF documents into different file formats. PDF-to-Word is one of these converting tools and as its name says, it helps you convert PDF files into WORD format.

In my opinion, it is a very easy-to-use program and you don’t have to be a master of computers to be able to use it. I believe that it’s perfect for beginners as it has a wizard-like graphical user-interface that guides you through the conversions steps.

What I liked about PDF-to-Word is that it has two conversion modes: exact and flowing and you can select between converting the entire document or a specific number of pages. Therefore, if you choose to convert in the exact mode, you’ll obtain the identical layout of the original document but it is quite difficult to edit it. The flowing mode does the opposite so it’s easier when it comes to editing but brings noticeable changes in the original layout. So, my advice is to try not to use it for converting documents that contain tables. Also, PDF-to-Word provides other functions like introducing command lines and performing batch conversion.

Unfortunately, PDF-to-Word is not able to convert formulas or bookmarks or to recognize OCR.

But, in the end, I believe that is an efficient and reliable tool. Although it has a few flaws I consider it’s worth its price for its specificity and proven performance.

Alice Blest
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Review summary


  • Microsoft Word format with a minimum loss of formatting
  • Wizard-like user-interface


  • Has no optical character recognition (OCR) capabilities
  • Does not convert scientific formulas
  • Does not convert PDF bookmarks
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